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Rescue and Emergency Services.

The number to call emergency services when you are staying in the island is 112 and is free to call just like 999 in the U.K. Tenerife is popularly known as a destination for outdoor activities and sports but sometimes things go awry and we need help from the emergency services.

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Bad Weather in Tenerife, Yes We Have it!

Although our island is synominous with being the 'eternal spring' from time to time we do actually have bad weather in Tenerife and it can get rather wild and dangerous, here are some tips to prepare for the bad weather, from horrid calimas to fantastic storms.

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Staying Safe in the Waters Around Tenerife.

It may come as a suprise that every year many people die in the waters of Tenerife and although the 'official' advice may come across as common sense, it helps to be a bit cautious around the unpredictable sea, after all it is the Atlantic Ocean.